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Store email in a separate, central store to relieve the load on Exchange and increase efficiency by eliminating the need for PST files.

Key benefits include:

  • Saying goodbye to PST files: No need to waste time searching for lost or deleted emails when you centrally store your complete email history and access them anytime, anywhere.

  • Saving time and money: Reduce up to 80% of Exchange server storage requirements by keeping just one copy of an email and its attachments in a separate store.

  • Better preparation: Respond instantly to e-discovery requests with quick, easy search and restore features.

  • Reducing legal risk and improving compliance: Enjoy peace of mind that your company's complete communications history is tamper-proof with audit trail functionality.

  • Files and calendar entries can also be archived via the File Archive Assistant. This enables your users to syncronise files between their own machines, and groups of employees can work on shared documents.

Get more from your archive. GFI MailArchiver® includes MailInsights®, a reporting tool that enables businesses to leverage the valuable company data stored in the email archive. MailInsights can help companies identify issues, reduce business risk and manage employee productivity through actionable information found in the archive.

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